Friday, June 29, 2012

6 Week Beginner Kettlebell Workout: 1 of 9: 06/29/2012

We have all seen those balls with handles on them at the gym, but how many of us have actually used one. The kettlebell is probably the most versitile exercise tool, yet many individuals pass them up. The great thing about kettlebells is that you can turn any resistance training workout into a cardio workout, and if you do the workout with high intensity and minimal breaks you can burn more fat. Seriously, burn more fat. Why? High intensity training has been shown to increase exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) in study participants, and this rise in EPOC leads to larger amounts of fat burned after exercise. Don't wait on using kettlebells, get started now. This workout series is brought to you by Marcus Martinez from and each week, for the next five weeks, I will cover all 9 of his installments for this workout plan.

Exercises / Reps / Sets

Swing - 10
Goblet Squat - 10
Press L - 5
Press R - 5
Push up - 10
Around the Body to Hold-10 each direction

Do as many sets ans you can in a 20 minute period. 

Perform the workout as a circuit.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Run for Your Lives: 06/27/2012

Challenge courses are becoming very popular. There is a wide variety to chose from like the Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race, and the Urban Warrior. Well, you can add one more to your list.... Run for Your Lives. This challenge course is full of Zombies, and no these Zombies haven't been using "bath salts". Your goal is to survive the Zombie infested area and make it to the goal line!

Zombie run takes you on a 5k running course where there is a Zombie Apocalypse and your goal is to survive. You start out with flags and these flags represent your life, lose your flags...lose your life. Don't fret yet, there are ways to get your life back throughout the course. You will also be running through some obstacles like blood, mud, and stuff like that. The goal is to cross the finish line with some life points left, but  if you die during the run you can still finish the course even if you have lost all of your life points.

The cost is approximately $87 to run in the race (cost depends on where the race takes place), and this price includes a t-shirt, medal for finishing, "safe zone", and 12+ bands that will be performing during this Apocalypse party.

Is the Run for Your Lives challenge course coming to your area? Want more information? Visit Run for Your Lives for more information.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012