Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inchworm Push-Ups: 08/01/2012

Here is a variation on a popular body-weight classic, the push-up. We all know that exercises can become stale if we let them, and that sometimes we have to change up our routines or we get bored. Give this variation on the push-up a try.

How to do an inchworm push-up?

  1. start in a standing position
  2. reach down as though you are going to do a standing hamstring stretch
  3. walk outwith your arms into a plank / push-up position
  4. perform one or two push-ups
  5. walk back to the starting position
  6. to increase the difficulty add a push-up with each walkout; this will work your shoulders, back, and chest at different angles thus making the exercise harder and more challenging

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