Friday, July 13, 2012

Beginner Kettlebell 5 of 9: 7/13/2012

Here is installment 5 of 9 of kettlebell training by The intensity is raised in the 5th installment of the beginner kettlebell workout. Like the 4th installment his session has two 15 minute circuits with a two minute rest in between the two circuits. Push as hard as you can throughout the entire 30 min of this workout. Keep your resistance and intensity high during this workout to make this session a resistance / cardio workout, which will enable you to burn more fat. Why? High intensity training has been shown to increase exercise post oxygen consumption (EPOC) in study participants, and this rise in EPOC leads to larger amounts of fat burned after exercise. I hope that you enjoy this series of kettlebell workouts, because they are enjoyable, fun, and definitely a great way to burn the fat and build muscle. This workout series is brought to you by Marcus Martinez from and each week, for the next three weeks, I will cover all 9 of his installments for this workout plan.

Exercises / Reps / Sets

2-Density Rounds, 15 minutes each.

1. Clean L - 10
2. Clean R - 10
3. Push Press L - 10
4. Push Press R - 10
5. Jump Squats - 5
*as many sets as possible

Rest 2 minutes between circuits

1. KB Lunge L - 5
2. KB Lugne R - 5
3. 1/2 Get Up - 3
4. 1/2 Get Up - 3
5. Pike Pushups - 10
*as many sets as possible


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