Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shoulder Injury Prevention / Care: 7/19/2012

Scott Herman leads us in a shoulder rehabilitation program. This program is very standard in the rehabilitation world and the exercises are valid. If or when you decide to add a weighted dumbbell make sure that it is something that is light and not too heavy. Even if you were able to perform front deltoid raises with 30 lbs, that doesn't mean that you can perform that weight now that you are injured. If you are not injured, then you can still do this workout as an alternative warm-up for your shoulder workout.

Reps / Sets / Exercises

10-20 reps per set
2-4 sets per exercise
15-20 second rest

Front Raise "Anterior Deltoid" 
Lateral Raise "Medial Deltoid" 
Rear Deltoid "Posterior Deltoid" 
Arm Circles- Clockwise/Counter Clockwise 
Cable Rotator Pulls (roll up a towel and place it in between your arm and your body) 

Head Raise with Hands Behind Head 
Hand to Shoulderblade Reach 
Walking Hand Up the Doorway

Hold 30-60 seconds
3 sets per exercise
15-20 second rest



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