Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Exercise of the Day: Bullet Pull-ups: 07/04/2012

Create your independence from boring ol' exercises by performing this exciting and intense exercise. This is the bullet pull-up, which is a combination of a one armed burpee and a pull-up. This difference is that since you are alternating exercises you can really maximize your pull-up potential.

One Arm Burpee

  1. Squat in a tri-pod position with one arm supporting some of your weight
  2. Put most of your weight in your arm
  3. Kick your legs back into a push-up position
  4. Tuck your legs so you are back into the tri-pod position
  5. Switch arms and repeat on the other side
  6. After you have down two burpees on both arms proceed to the pull-up


  1. From the final tri-pod position of the burpee jump up to the pull-up bar and grab with your hands
  2. Use the momentum from the jump to perform a wide grip pull-up
  3. On your way down from the pull-up release your grip and land in a tri-pod position ready for your burpees 

This is a great exercise to use in high intensity training. Have fun gaining your independence from drab and boring. 

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